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the book this week is Wise Enough to be Foolish

The book that I am pouring into this week is Wise Enough to be Foolish
by Gauri Jayaram. Now I don’t know the author at all and didn’t know about the book as well but there is something special about the book.

This is the first book that I am reading on Kindle Cloud reader for Android. I have read a few books on e-reader but never on a smartphone, so this one is a first.

I like e-books, the e-readers and I’m even comfortable reading on a laptop but yea having a book in your hand, turning the physical pages, smelling it, playing with it, is a different kind of high. Is there a future for physical books? That’s a different question for another day, for now I am just happy enjoying the books in any manner.

I am already half way and the book reads easy, will be back with you guys with the review pretty soon.


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Inferno: Review

infernoNow this review is long overdue, I completed this book a couple of months ago but couldn’t get the review out. Initially I didn’t want to write a review immediately as I was thinking a little about the book as well as the pressing issue of overpopulation on which the plot of the book is based and later I completely forgot about it.

But now that I am on to it, so here it is. I read Dan Brown first at the time of Da Vinci Code, it wasn’t such a mega success that time and after that I read his remaining books too and as many, I became a Dan Brown addict so Inferno
was on the list since the time I heard the news about it and finally got the chance to read.

Now I won’t go into the details of Brown’s writing style as anyone who has read him knows it clearly and the ones who haven’t read him should start with Da Vinci Code.

The book ┬áhas a dramatic beginning where Robert Langdon wakes up with a memory loss and being on run from that point without understanding why someone would want to kill him. An old woman with silver hair keeps on coming back in his nightmares urging him to seek the truth (or some shit like that), i thought that was a bit melodramatic. And by the middle of the book the plot becomes very clear that a mad scientist is going to unleash a virus which can propagate to the entire world in short duration and cause genocide (that part wasn’t clear actually as to what will happen if that virus is out).

Now by the time you reach to the end of the book you realize that all this drama in the beginning that made this book 450+ pages was much ado about nothing. Descriptions of Florence, Venice and Istanbul were a breath of fresh air however I would concede that it was difficult to picture the architecture of these places (having been very less exposed to this architecture). Istanbul was a very intelligent choice and did add some interest to the book at later stages.

Now about the good and the bad parts. It’s a Dan Brown book so it is fast paced and has all the elements of a blockbuster (even though sometimes when they don’t gel with the main plot), it’s neatly done and the best thing I liked about it was the the issue that it was based on. Overpopulation a problem with which the world is fighting every day, millions of humans consuming little resources so rapidly that we might not have anything left in a few hundred years. Now to take this issue and weave a story around it which includes car chases, European architecture, WHO, mad scientist, beautiful doctor, etc. is an achievement in itself and I give full credit to Brown for that. And though some people have outright rejected it but when I put the book down I wasn’t disappointed for sure. Yearning for more and better, definitely but certainly not disappointed or angry with Brown.

Now the not so good parts, the book didn’t deserve to be so thick, the plot was not that great, somewhere in the middle of the book he lost it and the readers lose interest too, now the symbol and architecture were difficult to understand (part of the reason as I said earlier was a little or no exposure to such architecture and part of it was the writing I guess which couldn’t make it any easier for me) & except for Robert Langdon & the assassin girl no characters left a mark on me (including character of Sienna Brooks).

In the end Brown has a good following, I being in that category and though he has not produced a masterpiece this time but still manages to remain in the good grace of his followers and I will look forward to his next.

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