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Book Review: Kamadeva The God of Desire by Anuja Chandramouli

kamadevaThere are books which you pick up by their cover design and Kamadeva The God of Desire by Anuja Chandramouli is one such book. First the title is interesting, I haven’t really seen any books on Kamadeva and then the cover design is very nice.

This is the second book by the author, I read and reviewed the first one around a year back titled Arjuna Sagar of a Pandava  Warrior-Prince.


★★★★ (4 out of 5)

The Storyline

The story is about Kamadeva who is considered the god of desire in Hindu Mythology. It traces the incidents  where Bramha’s lust gives birth to Kamadeva and upon his birth itself how he is cursed to meet his death by the destroyer, Shiva.

He is wielding the sugarcane bow and flower-tipped arrows and he is powerful enough to create desire in any human or deva’s heart. He is supported in his adventures by his insanely beautiful wife Rati. Together they stay in Amravati and learn and later teach different art forms like dance, love-making, sword fight etc. The relationship of Kamadeva with his dad Bramha is not so cool. However his bonding with Indra is great and both have good time in Amravati with booze, music and hot girls (aka apsaras). However destiny plays its part, the curse takes effect and Kamadeva is reduced to ashes by Shiva when he tries to create desire in his heart for Parvati.

Kamadeva is reborn in human form as Krishna’s son Pradumnya and Rati as Mayawati the wife of an Asura king. Both meet again after several adventures and sexual revelries and many such other adventures follows during his life time.

What I Think

The story of Kamadeva is one that I haven’t really heard in any mythology circles so I was intrigued. The story starts well and gives details of how the god of desire was born and what was he really like. Different traits of the protagonist are very well explained by the author. The difference between him and his father Bramha, he wanting to do something worthwhile with his life rather than just being a ‘pimp’, his undying love towards Rati, his deep-rooted friendship with Indra and Vasant and many other facets of his character.

Author Anuja Chandramouli’s writing has blossomed a lot more since her last book Arjuna. The writing is so good and so different that you will wonder that is this really the second book by the author. In her first book also I liked the writing a lot but this time around it is even better and so much more different which brings a freshness to the entire story telling.The author tells the story in the contemporary English rather than trying to burden it with unnecessary heavy and arcane words that take the juice out of the story.

The friendship between Indra and Kamadeva, his love for Rati, the lust of Bramha, Shambara’s love for Maya, the son and father tension between Bramha and Kamdeva, and so many more relationships and situations are so beautifully written. And while the story progresses it also deals with many issues such as females being used as a commodity by the male kind and more. However she also manages to keep the story witty.

At so many places in the book the author uses, to what it may look like to some ‘crude’ language but never crosses the boundary. It appeared to me at certain places that the author is trying to test the limits, challenge our society and its deep-rooted beliefs in our gods and goddesses.

She puts them on equal platform to and in some cases worse than the mortals. Lust, deceit, debauchery, extra marital affairs, polygamy, adultery, friendship all the colors can be seen in this story and if you are a logical person you might start to question the actions of gods and goddesses whom you worship (which I always do whenever I read more about our gods and goddesses, but that’s another discussion for another day).

The biggest problem in the book is that there are just so many stories within one story of Kamadeva so much that many a times you just lose track of the main story. So many characters, devas, asuras, trinity, rishis, etc. cloud the entire story.

The story reads good in the first half but in the second half when Kamadeva is reborn as Pradumnya the story just drags on with so many subplots and sub-stories that it really gets boring. The book I think is 100 pages too long. Either the story had to be succinct to be covered within 250 pages or should have been broken into two volumes.

Including the stories of Krishna, Shiva, Indra, Kamsa, Jarasandh, Pandavas et al. is a little too much to chew in one book even if you devote 2 lines to each and moreover no one wants to read about them any more.

But that’s the only complain I have with this book other than that as I mentioned earlier the author has done a fantastic job with the topic, research and specially the writing.

Last Words

Anuja Chandramouli is slowly climbing up the ladder in my favorite Indian authors list. The style in which she has written this book, I just want to say Bravo!.

If you are a mythology fan I would very much recommend you to read you Kamadeva The God of Desire with a caveat that you should have the patience to read through some of the stories that you have already read umpteen times.

With her writing skills, some day I would very much like to see the author writing a work of fiction.

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