Hello Guys,

I am Abhinav. I am a Developer by the Day and Blogger by the Night. Out of many of my passions Reading is one of the most important.

I read a lot, not only novels but random articles, newspaper, magazines, ad tag lines, technology books, etc.

Through this blog I would like to share my reading experiences with you all. I pick-up books on different suggestions, if you want you can suggest me one too.

Comments, Feedback, Suggestions are always welcome.

Leave a note I will reply back as soon as I can.


Twitter: @AlwaysAbhinav  Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/abhinavs/



  1. Hello Abhinav,

    I enjoyed your The $100 Startup review. I recently published a book, My Flexibility Manifesto: Following Your Passion 2 Success, an inspirational career advice book. If interested, I would love to send you a copy for possible review. Thank you.

    Leonard Wilson, Jr.

  2. Hello I’m writing to you on behalf of a publishing house regarding reviewing some of our titles on blog. Could you share an email address that I can contact you on with more details? Thanks!

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