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Review: The Crossover by Sunil Sandeep

the crossover

the crossover

The Crossover open heart verses, came up for a review some time back. I got intrigued because when  I read the excerpt it said the book is a collection of poems. Now I haven’t really read poems in a very long time and by a new gen Indian author probably never.

So I had no idea what to expect from this book and have never heard of author Sunil Sandeep. But I took the plunge.

The book is a collection of poems which talks about soul, your inner voice, spirituality. The book is essentially divided into three sections “Why?”, “Reality” and “The Path”.

Unless we question things around us, life is not worth living and working towards self-consciousness, knowing yourself is a long arduous task but it has to begin with Why. The book is a collection of 50 such poems talking about these aspects.

To begin with I didn’t get much from the poems or it was a little difficult for me to understand what the author wanted to convey but slowly and gradually it grew on me. It deals with meaning of life, questioning everything we are doing, trying to find the purpose of your life, touching your soul and then suggesting you break the shackles and find the truth.

It’s a little difficult to express the writing in words as it talks about something that can be felt, understood but hard to explain. For that I give credit to the writer for attempting to do it. However I feel that he felt a little short of it. The writing is good but not very good and it sometimes become difficult for an average reader to understand what the writer wants to convey.

What I liked most are the illustrations besides every poem by Betty bileterka, very precise and imaginative.

If you have been ever confronted with the questions about life, soul and a higher realm I think you should read it and you might require reading it 2-3 times to understand it well but if you are into this materialistic world and think that all of it is BS then don’t bother.



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