the book this week is Wise Enough to be Foolish

The book that I am pouring into this week is Wise Enough to be Foolish
by Gauri Jayaram. Now I don’t know the author at all and didn’t know about the book as well but there is something special about the book.

This is the first book that I am reading on Kindle Cloud reader for Android. I have read a few books on e-reader but never on a smartphone, so this one is a first.

I like e-books, the e-readers and I’m even comfortable reading on a laptop but yea having a book in your hand, turning the physical pages, smelling it, playing with it, is a different kind of high. Is there a future for physical books? That’s a different question for another day, for now I am just happy enjoying the books in any manner.

I am already half way and the book reads easy, will be back with you guys with the review pretty soon.


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