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Book Review: A Perfect Murder: and Other Stories by S.R. Nair

perfect_murderI’m a big fan of short stories and I feel sometimes short stories could convey a whole lot more then hundreds of pages in a novel.

A Perfect Murder: and Other Stories by S.R. Nair got me intrigued, for the title and due to short stories.

Murder mysteries are good but need to be handled very well. I did go through the entire book and it failed to impress me.


★★★ (3 out of 5)

The Storyline

A Perfect Murder is a story of a divorcee who plans the murder of her father and blames a local guy for the same. And there are other stories like Salma’s fate where she is raped by her father in law and she decides to take him up. There are in total 14 stories which takes on different aspects of human life. Where on one end it deals with life in India and other an Indian living in US and trying to get married to an Indian girl who turns out to be a fraud.

What I Think

For me to get impressed with Short stories they need to be real good and alas I didn’t find this book good enough. Unfortunately none of the stories impressed me including the main one The Perfect Murder. It was anything but a perfect murder and I didn’t even think the story made a lot of sense. And I get the feel that mostly the stories are just written for the sake of writing and there was really not much to write about.

The writing is simple and some of you might even like the stories but for me none of the stories worked and I was disappointed.

Last Words

I always think that not all the stories are meant to be told. Sometimes there is just no meat in the story or the way they are told is not good enough. And I feel you are equipped to write short stories when you have mastered the art of writing long stories or novels but that’s just me.

This is one book where I feel some of the readers might also like few of the stories.Do give it a try, if you don’t like a story or two, you can always skip them without losing much.

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PS: Thanks to the author for providing a complimentary copy.


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