Krishna Coriolis

Krishna Coriolis Book 1 – Slayer of Kamsa

Yadava Nation including kingdom Mathura & Sura, ruled by King Ugrasena and Vasudeva reaches a peace treaty. Ugrasena’s daughter Devaki to Marry Vasudeva.

Ugrasena’s Son Kamsa does not agree to peace treaty and kills Suras

Kamsa join ranks with Magadha Naresh Jarasandha…

…and fights many wars with him, even marries his daughters

Kamsa returns back to Mathura with Jarasnadha army and based on Prophecy from Narada about his Slayer being born through Devaki, tries to kill his sister Devaki on her wedding day

Kamsa ascends to Mathura’s throne, throws his father Ugrasena in dungeons and keeps Vasudeva and Devaki and confinement, Narad prophesied again that 8th Child of Devaki & Vasudeva would be Slayer of Kamsa

Krishna is born to Devaki & Vasudeva in confinement

As per Vishnu’s command Vasudeva exchanges him with the Nanda and Yashoda’s new born girl. Vasudeva carries Krishna in a basket across Yamuna river

Kamsa kills all the new born children of Devaki and Vasudeva, the eight child is a girl, when he tries to kill her, she sprang away from his hands and declares that the Slayer is already born

Krishna Coriolis Book 2 – Dance of Govinda

The entire Gokuldham is happy about new born in Nanda & Yashoda’s house. GargaMuni names him and Rohini’s (who is first wife of Vasudeva) son as Krishna and Balarama respectively.

Kamsa now a complete rakshasa continues his atrocities on Mathurans

Krishna starts with his mischief in Gokul by breaking the cart

Jarasandha gives potions to lessen Kamsa’s power and he make him weak. Kamsa regains his power after drinking halahal from Putana, whom he becomes very close

Putana tells Kamsa about the Slayer and tells him that he will kill the Slayer by breast feeding him halahal, which is poisoned breast milk, but little Krishna outsmarts Putana and drinks the entire poison from Putana’s breast and also sucks off her life

Krishna Coriolis Book 3 -Flute of Vrindavan

Little Krishna is growing up in Gokul and his mischief and pranks knows no bound, he loves his dahi very much and by dancing and gurguling and with his antics makes way to everyone’s heart. His mother keeps on running after him, his partner in crime is his elder brother Balarama who takes all the blame for Krishna’s pranks.

His leela knows no bounds, he  turns a fistful of grains into rubys and emeralds for his love of fruits

His Mother tries to discipline naughty Krishna but to no avail

On the other end Kamsa speeds up attacks on little Krishna through Jarasandha’s demon asura trnavarta (the wind danav) and Krishna outmatches and kills him too

But the growing attacks and threats from Kamsa’s demons forced Gokul to migrate to the forests of Vrindavan but here too asuras were already deployed by Jarasandha and Kamsa. Krishna kills an asura in disguised as a Calf along with Balarama.

And in the entire Vrindavan the flute of Krishna plays on soothing the nerves of everyone and giving them peace



PS: I don’t take the credit of any image unless mentioned explicitly, they are collected through the internet, the credit goes to their original creator.


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