Review: A Salesman’s Lessons by C.R. Jena

Last week I managed to finish the book A SALESMAN S LESSONS What I Studied Is what I Failed to see: 1 by C.R. Jena.

The author is a sales professional with 15 years of experience selling products and services in IT industry.

In this book the author essentially jots down the sales suggestions/tips that worked for him during the course of his career and goes on to explain the rationale behind each.

The book is divided into 27 different chapters, however he still wraps everything up in 200 odd pages. The language of the book is easy and not many sales jargon has been used.

In the introduction the author does say that the book is for both sales professionals as well as non sales professional. However honestly I didn’t feel it that way. I, being a non-sales professional didn’t enjoy the book very much. But I do see that there could be a lot of learning for the sales professionals.

He doesn’t give tips or tricks and it is definitely not a guide to “how to become a successful sales professional” but a compilation of notes that Jena maintained during his career. Another good aspect that I liked is the author explains it rationally, he compares sales with many different (unusual) principles, formulae, etc. and goes on to make his point clearly.

So I would recommend, if you are a sales professional do give this book a try.


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