Review: A Cool Dark Place

A cool dark placeWhen I am trying to write a review of this book an air of melancholy is surrounding me and yet it is so soothing and I am at peace, although it has been almost a week since I put down this book called A Cool, Dark Place by Supriya Dravid.

I rarely ever have said this for a book but it is fully justified, this book reads like a poem, a poem of despair. And despair can be very rarely made poetic and the authors who have been able to successfully do it have been authors of yore or very experienced and seasoned. A first time author and such a beautiful work? If I haven’t had read the book myself I wouldn’t have ever believed it.

When I put down the book all I wanted to do was give the author a kiss. It is books like these that keep my hopes alive about the literature and which eggs me to continue reading and finding other good works.

The story revolves around Zephyr and her family, it starts when Z’s father commits suicide and she lands in her grandfather Don’s house in Madras with her mother. The dark secrets of her family starts to reveal in dozens. The totally unknown life of Don and earlier life of her mother shocks her and  pains her. It only aggravates when she comes to know that the person she called father her entire life wasn’t her real father.

The character of Don is larger than life, it’s a marvelous character and keeps you glued to the book. You just can’t make out how to react to him, you can’t hate him, you won’t love him. He is an enigma. The author is successful in bringing to life that character and as I read that book, the character played in my heart, my head and in my subconscious.  Even the other characters of her mother, Gravy, Sancho are all so finely done, each one of them seems like a polished gem.

I am running short of words to define the excellent piece that this book is and oh the title is so apt.

How I wish this book is turned into a Hollywood movie or better a series.

Thank you Supriya Dravid for bringing A Cool, Dark Place to us.

PS: This book was sponsored by MySmartPrice


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