Review: Marry Go Round

Hey Guys, hope you all are having a good weekend with some reading involved. For me, I did manage to finish the book that I started  a few days ago Marry Go Round: 1 by Sadiqa Peerbhoy. As mentioned in my earlier post I didn’t have a clue about the book or the author to begin with and was hoping for the best.

It wasn’t the best nevertheless it was pretty darn good and I am happy about reading it. My disappointment in new gen Indian writers have started to recede bit by bit (or should I say book by book) but yea still there is a lot of trash that is floating in the market and as a reader it becomes pretty difficult to find out the good writings from the ones hogging the top shelf in bookstore.

So on to the review, Marry Go Round is a simple yet intriguing story about a mother (Sartaj Begum) wanting to get his NRI Son Riaz married to continue the family lineage. As her Son is in the US for many years and doesn’t want to get married she embarks upon a plan to call him back and fix him up with a decent ‘khandaani’ girl. Riaz is already in a live-in relationship with an American girl Sarah. The girl she plans to marry Riaz with Sana is involved with a married man in his office only to realize that he is two timing her with his wife. Sartaj Begum’s plan works but not in entirety. What follows is a pretty interesting and comical events which gives a very good flavor to the story.

Now why I say the story is simple is because it really doesn’t has a whole lot to it and probably you might have read/heard/seen it some where or the other, it is pretty normal story in Indian households. But the treatment that is given to the story is good. And the backdrop of Hyderabad adds ‘char chand’  to it. I am pretty sure that the story wouldn’t have been so good if it was based in any other city other than Hyderabad. And kudos to the author to capture the Hyderabadi spirit in an excellent manner. The reminiscence of nawabi era, the pride of lineage, the changing face of Hyderabad, the ‘kasak’ of seeing the Son married & being able to continue the family, etc. has been very well written.

The characters are very well defined and each of them adds value to the story, mainly the character of ‘Sartaj Jehan Begum’ is very very very well written, hats off to the author to get it write in her first novel. Sometimes writer continue to write books after book but never seem to be able to get one character that could stay with the readers.

Sartaj Begum’s character is such a normal, well written, lovable character that most of us will be able to identify with. All other characters like Riaz, Sana, Dilawar, Sarah, Qaisar are also good and do not seem to be interrupting the story at any time. Even the professor and Colonel’s characters speaks a lot without speaking at all in the book.

The ending of the book is a little different, though not everyone might like it or agree with it but I admire the writer’s courage to be able to put the twist in the end. When you are first time writer you want it to work and you rarely do experiments but she did and at least I like it.

Not so good parts? Well there are very less, the author has kept the book very neat and slim with just the essentials, may be the last couple of pages with Naana-Naani conversation were not really necessary. And may be the title and the cover page should change, it definitely doesn’t do justice with the good story that’s inside. And a few little kinks but I’m not complaining.

In the end I would only like to say that it’s unfortunate case in our country that trash gets to the first shelf and good books are never promoted. I would urge the publishers Lead Start Corp to push this book out with more vigor and put more money into its marketing, this is a good story that needs to go to as many readers as possible. And I hope that those trashy first time writers take a cue from Marry Go Round: 1 and Sadiqa Peerbhoy about writing  good debut book.


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