Review: Wise Enough to be Foolish

Phew! what a book. Wise Enough to be Foolish by Gauri Jayaram was the book this week.

As I mentioned in my earlier post that this was the first book I was reading on my smartphone using Kindle Cloud Reader ( I read the first one a few months back using another software)  and let me tell you reading on smartphone is tougher than an e-reader but the ease is remarkable.

So when I started this book I had no clue what the book is about I just took it up as the first one to be read on Kindle cloud reader and by the time I ended up the book (even in the middle of it) I was sure this book was not for me.

The book is a total ‘chic book’ and I was wrong on picking it up. Now I can’t pass judgement as to how good or bad this was as compared to other chic books as I have rarely read them but as a book it was a total failure for me.

I saw no reason, none at all why someone would write (forget about reading) such a book which had nothing for a story and  read like a girl’s personal journal (and that too pretty boring).

Even the writing was below par in the sense that I wasn’t sure what the writer wanted to convey, characters were confused, protagonist was confused, so much of unnecessary details and unnecessary events cloud the book that on turning every page you might ask yourself why are you reading it.

The story starts with protagonist Gauri, finding herself in marital trouble, she goes on to narrate the story of her childhood till the time she landed in the marital trouble and then some more.

After finishing the book if you end up asking yourself the questions like “why was she angry with her parents?”, “when she was so conservative why did she had so many boyfriends?”, “If she was a tomboy and an athlete where did that all go and how did she become so beautiful to land up with so many boyfriends?”, “Earlier she didn’t like her siblings, how her sister becomes her best friend?” etc, then don’t worry those are genuine questions most of the readers would be asking themselves.

Now had the title been “The Diary of a Confused Girl” and this was a blog post, I might have let it go but publishing this type of crap in a book? I am not sure how publishers today select books for publishing.

But then who am I if not yet another critique of the book and this book could well be a hit among the ‘chics’. So if you are a girl and don’t really think a book could be so bad and I am exaggerating then by all means give Wise Enough to be Foolish
a try and do let me know if you think otherwise.

But you are a guys I strongly advice against trying it.



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7 responses to “Review: Wise Enough to be Foolish

  1. Mishtu

    Hi Dude, you really seem and come across like an insensitive, emotionless MAN!!! PL check and fix your language and written skills first before commenting on works of an author (even if she is a first timer!!)! Having said that, you are extremely judgemental…..she ofcourse LOVES her sister and thats why she dedicated it to her! I think you missed the complete plot! SAD!!! Suggest – you re-read and make notes this time round!

  2. Abhinav

    Dear Mishtu, I could be all that you said and I could be completely different but you had that impression by reading my review. Similarly whatever impression I had about the book I wrote that in my review. Thanks for your comment!

    • Amitabh Sharma

      I totally agree with you Abhinav. Even I asked myself why did I spend so many days reading such a crap. It was difficult for me too to understand why she has written that book – just to make her personal life public?

      • Abhinav

        I am happy Amitabh that there are still a few like us who can differentiate between good and bad writing.

  3. As a girl, I find some words in this post insulting. It is opinions like this that modern age girls are trying to fight.

    Can I request you to please tell me how it is that you have finalized that tomboys cannot be pretty/beautiful?
    Are you telling me that you, as a boy have never been angry with your parents? Or you never noticed your feelings for your siblings change?
    Have you been the same person you were when you were 10 yrs old? If yes, then am sorry, this comment is a waste of my time. If not, them please ask yourself how your opinions have changed.

    Now to the boyfriend issue – are you saying that any girl who has a boyfriend is not a conservative girl? Please define being conservative. Is it wearing a salwar kameez, and asking the opinion of parents first and then the husband for everything right from what to eat to what to wear? If yes, then again, am sorry, its not worth my time to even read this post. If not, then please think about about your definitions.

    Its a pity that even in 2013, women have to see educated men pass opinions and judgements from their high horse about things they absolutely have no idea about.
    Its all about openness. If your mind is not open, then you will not learn anything new. You will always be in your own well like a frog , find like-minded people and patting yourselves on your back.

    As for understanding the difference between good and bad writing and why the author put her personal life on public space(its a fictionalized memoir, in case you haven’t noticed it anywhere on the book)… well, its all subjective. I could launch into a tirade here on those words too, but I am looking at the larger picture here.

    • Abhinav

      Dear Scarlett O’Hara,
      I truly wish you were able to see the larger picture.
      About my opinions I have only expressed my opinions regarding the book and the questions that I ask are because the author contradicts herself at many places or fails to elaborate the transition from one state to another.
      And regarding insult, I feel pretty insulted as a reader seeing such trash floating in the market.
      thank you for your comment.

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