Review: Gone Girl

gonegirlI was craving for a good thriller for sometime and it did come finally. And when there’s a thriller in your hand it rarely takes time to complete it.

For sometime I have been trying to get my hands on “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn but it was never available in my library. I have not really heard a lot but did hear that it was a good book. And off course the title itself is intriguing, sort of inviting you to read it.

The story revolves around Amy and Nick Dunne who married after a few years of courtship in New York City, due to job loss they have to move back to Nick’s home town in Missouri. Amy has been a beautiful and wealthy girl who has a book series “Amazing Amy” running after her name by her Parents. On the fifth wedding anniversary Amy suddenly disappears and the investigation begins in this high-profile case.  The author first deals with Nick’s part of the story where in the beginning he appears to be a town boy who is happy to be back to his hometown but then slowly and gradually secrets start to reveal. And at a point where readers would start to doubt Nick, the author starts with Amy’s side of story. On the jacket as it says “there are two sides to every story…” the book handles both the parts and Flynn does a fantastic job of it.

Initially it did look like a thick book (465 pages) but the story moves fast, keeps you engaged and characters are well drawn. This fast paced thriller is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Why has Amy Disappeared? Is she going to be killed? Has Nick any other  secret? you will try to ask and answer these and more such questions as you go forward with the story. The backdrop of the story a small town and its excitements and rigors are well depicted by the author.  And there are just enough characters and well written too.

I do think that the ending could have been a little shorter nonetheless I ain’t complaining and like it.

In one sentence “A Class Act”


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