Review: A Delicate Truth

delicatetruth“A Delicate Truth” by John le Carre is one such book that took me a long time to complete. At the end I wasn’t sure if it was my laziness, my hectic schedule or just the book itself that dragged it for so long.

I picked up the book on a recommendation and in the end I think I would have been better off not reading it. Primarily because I didn’t understand the book entirely.

The book begins quite promisingly with a counter-terror operation named “Wildlife” happening in a British colony of Gibraltar in complete Secrecy in which the defense minister Quinn is leading. For this operation a few mercenaries are hired and an agent of British government Paul is taken onboard to give information from ground zero.

Later in the book Paul comes to know that operation which was considered successful wasn’t and an innocent woman and her child was shot dead. The remaining book deals with how the private corporations and government try to hush the operation information.

Toby Bell, the secretary to minister Quinn is kept out of loop but he does some private recordings of minister’s meetings and start investigating the matter himself only to land in a soup.

Now the first and biggest problem that I faced was that the book is so ‘oddly’ written and disconnected that you are not able to make head and tail of it many times. If you come back to reading it after a couple of days than most of it is lost.  And the second problem is I didn’t understand what was the delicate truth that the book was referring to. Collateral damage in a counter-terrorism operation is an open truth that probably half the world knows about.

I couldn’t connect to any character and by the end of the book there is no difference in a Toby Bell or Sir Christopher. Things happen so oddly and for many actions there is no explanation. Even the end of the book is so confusing that you wouldn’t know if it ended or you are supposed to wait for the next installment.

I feel the author lost the plot somewhere in between and the beginning few pages were the best part of the book for me.

So overall I am happy that it ended and I can move to another book (hopefully interesting).


PS: Thanks to MySmartPrice  for sponsoring this book


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