When you want to read but can’t…

Sometime back I was looking at a question at Quora which at a first glance will look naive or even foolish to some but then if you stop and re-read it then it will really make you think.

The question that was posted was “Why do people who love reading, love it so much?”. Now if you are an avid reader I am sure a smile must have curl up on your face. And the question as I mentioned earlier might even seem a bit stupid to you, because it’s pretty hard for a reader to explain why he/she loves reading so much.

So last month (for more than a month I think) when things were moving fast on many ends, personal as well as professional, it became difficult for me to continue with my reading habit. One book a week or even one in two weeks also couldn’t be possible. Every now and then I would think, today I would find some time to read and by the night when I hit the bed it became so difficult to keep my eyes open and read a book.

I am sure every now and then there is such a time in every reader’s life when even though they want to read pretty bad, they can’t. For me after a while I even start feeling guilty of not being able to read and wanted to get back as soon as possible. Every now and then when I take a look at my bookshelf (and in this while I had the maximum number of unread books on shelf ever) I would cringe. When will I be able to read these books, when will I get to new books and so on.

For a reader I guess it becomes sort of addiction. If he doesn’t get his daily/weekly dose of reading then it appears that something is not right, the craving gets the better of you.

The smell of fresh prints, the news of new book launches, the interview of your famous authors, the sight of books in other person’s hand, the discussion about a book in a group, all of this make it so difficult (also feeling of guilt in my case) for the reader to remain away from books. And the first chance that the readers gets they want to pick up a book and find a secluded corner and just READ.

What do you think readers, does it happen to you as well ?


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