Review: One Hundred Names

100namesThe book that I managed to finish last week was “One Hundred Names” by Cecelia Ahern.

Now I have never heard about this book and had no idea what this book is about. The reason I picked up this book was because in the library I rent from this showed up to be one of the most rented book and had good ratings.

One thing I noticed about books is, it so often happens that if the book doesn’t excite you in the first few pages then probably it won’t even when you reach till the end. This was pretty much the case with this book, the starting wasn’t exciting (to say the least) and after reading a few pages I had this strong urge to put down the book and move to another one but then my habit of not being able to leave the book in the middle kicked in and I progressed.

The story is pretty ordinary, Katherine Logan a journalist fuck up one of his story and she and her company are sued, no publishing house is ready to take her in, she is bombarded with all sorts of hate acts and her life is in complete disarray. Her only good friend Constance who believed in her is struggling from cancer and dies. She leaves Katherine with a list of 100 names around which Katherine has to write a story, a sort of tribute to Constance. She has no idea what the story is and slowly starts reaching out to people in the list to find that every person has his/her own story and though not necessarily what she is looking for but pretty interesting. She starts getting to know these people better, starts being part of their lives one is a hair dresser, one is an old lady who has won a 10K bet, one is famous for breeding butterflies and so on.

None of the stories are good or even interesting. How they link to each other is even lame. At times you would feel like the characters are there to fill the pages, stories are going on to thicken the book . There is no real emotion although author tries hard to depict love, pain, and what not. But for me she did not succeed at all. Even the story being set in Ireland didn’t add any new angle to it. It could well have been in Rome or Senegal.

The only thing that goes for the book is that it is a simple read, more of a chick book.

Don’t pickup the book but if you have to then don’t expect to find anything interesting or worthwhile in the book.


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