Review: The Great Gatsby

gatsbyNow call this a coincidence but I had always wanted to read “The Great Gatsby” by F.Scott Fitzgerald. And when I was reading the “Reading Lolita in Tehran” and there was a discussion about it, I felt how could I have missed this the so-called ‘American Classic’. But still it was sometime before I could lay my hands on it.

And the coincidence that I was talking about was that this book is again getting the spotlight (even in India) with a new motion picture by Buz Lurhman getting released this year, also starring our own Amitabh Bachchan and its premiere happened only a couple of days back at NYC (as per continuous updates by Mr. Bachchan on twitter and FB).

Now back to the book, ” The Great Gatsby” (I prefer to call it a novella) is set in 1920’s and showcases American dream, how a man rises shortly and can come down even faster. Some may look at it as a love story and some about American Dreams and both the views are fine.

Gatsby a self made millionaire has a mansion in long Island and throws lavish parties but is always in search of his lost love Daisy Buchanan. He reconnects with her through his neighbor Nick Carraway who become a sort of friend to him. Gatsby’s life is all about the American way of life in the 1920’s and is aptly caught in the last few lines

Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter–tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…. And one fine morning–

The Great American novel ? I am not sure about that but it sure is a good novella. However by the end of it I did feel that it was short and another 100 pages could have done much justice to the plot but then probably its brevity is its biggest seller.

I felt all the characters were incomplete except for Gatsby’s but Fitzgerald did a good job fitting all in 180 pages. His style of writing is impeccable and the prose just perfect. You can continue to read it without hiccups. This has prompted me to read other works by him.

One strange thing happened while reading it, I heard of the motion picture coming based on this book featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby Mcguire, etc. but I haven’t viewed any movie trailers but I could visualize DiCaprio playing the role of Gatsby in every page (although I am not even sure if he is the one playing Gatsby) but whatever I have seen of him in previous movies I am sure he would do justice to ‘Gatsby’ character.  I for sure am waiting for Buz Lurhman’s creation based on this classic.


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