Review: The Sins of the Father & Best Kept Secret

sinsofthefather BestkeptsecretAs I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I haven’t much read Jeffrey Archer when I reviewed “Only time will tell“, so when I saw his latest book “Best Kept Secret” out I thought why not finish off with “The Clifton Chronicles”, so I finished both the remaining books in the series back to back “The Sins of the Father” and “Best Kept Secret”.

Now I did like the first one of the series “Only time will tell” and so I continued with the series. “The Sins of the Father” starts from the point when Tom Bradshaw (Harry Clifton) is arrested on landing in New York on murder charges. Harry tries to explain the mistaken identity but no one believes then a high-profile lawyer Sefton Jelks (appointed by Tom Bradshaw’s parents) proposes a deal to Harry to take the prison time for $20000. Harry is deceived by the lawyer and ends up in prison for 6 years in prison. Emma, the mother of Harry’s child doesn’t believe that Harry is dead and so starts her journey to New York to find Harry. She believes that a big conspiracy is done against Harry when she reads a published Novel which she is sure is written by Harry but bears a different author’s name. Lastly with the help of her great-aunt and her lawyer son she gets in touch with Harry, who at that time had joined war from the American side fighting Germans.

Best Kept Secret starts at the point where the House of Lords takes a decision as to the Barrington estate should go to Harry Clifton or Giles Barrington. Harry is able to finally marry Emma once the decision is taken in favor of Giles. Giles falls in love with a lady Virginia, whom his mother disapproves. And when his mother dies she gives all the estate to her daughters and nothing to Giles. Alex Fisher conspires with Virginia to take hold of Barrington Shipment and remove Giles as MP but with Harry, Emma and Sebastian (their son) he wins the election. On the other side Sebastian enters his teenage years and is a troublemaker at school, he helps out his friend Bruno. Bruno’s father Mr. Martinez is a criminal (of which Harry is unaware), he falls in his net and lands up in Argentina.

Sins of Father is a good sequel to the first book however I didn’t much like “Best Kept Secret”. The “Best Kept Secret” of Jeffrey Archer was (which you discover at the end of the book) is that this is not a trilogy  and more books will follow and I am disappointed with that. While reading third book it feels like the author is unnecessarily dragging the story. The characters though are good but not that dear (at least to me) that we would like to read another book with them. But may be the second book’s success prompted Mr. Archer to continue this series.

Less to be said about writing, its same as the first book and typical British 🙂

So a good fiction but then I am sure The Clifton Chronicles can’t regale me any further.


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