Review: Only time will Tell

Only_Time_Will_Tell_9780230748224Though Jefferey Archer is well read throughout the world and has a big fan following in India too and I have heard so much about his books but I hardly read him ever, may be  just a couple of books.

So when I picked up “Only time will Tell” it was on instincts and may be I vaguely might have heard about the Novel.

“Only time will Tell” by Jefferey Archer is the first of the trilogy (I later realized) and is an interesting read.

The story is based on Clifton’s family, where Harry Clifton who is raised by his mother with a belief that his father was killed in the war. He is a bright student and so for giving him a better life his mother works very hard and he gets a fatherly support in ‘Old Jack’ who is found of him and his teachers Mr. Holcombe and Miss Monday. The death of Arthur Clifton is a mystery. There is another secret that Harry’s mother has not told anyone. Harry make friends with Giles Barrington, son of the owner of the company where Harry’s father used to work.

The story is of the times of second world war and how after several twists and turns in Harry’s life he decides to leave from everyone’s lives. It’s a very well written story and keeps you engaged. Though a little thick the book won’t bore you at any point.

The characters are well described and you start to understand the complexity of the issues faced by Harry and his mother.

I liked the book and now looking forward to the reading the remaining 2 books of the trilogy.


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