Review: The Bankster

Bankster CTCSo I finally managed to finish the book that I started some 2 weeks back. But the book is definitely not to be blamed for that 🙂

It was my hectic schedule at work that kept me from finishing this book which could otherwise should have been finished in one seating.

The book this week was “The Bankster” by Ravi Subramanian. 

I am happy to be discovering some good Indian authors in this process of reading. I have heard a lot about this book and how this is even recommended by even the likes of Jeffery Archer (not sure if this is true). So I was intrigued.

The book read true to every accolade that it has received and I am glad I got hold of this book. It’s fiction, a fast paced thriller. Having banking as the backdrop (probably because the author has been a banker for long).

Two stories run in parallel and merge in the end, at one side there is a struggle against a Nuclear Power Plant in a small town of Devikulam in Kerela and on the other side Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2) in Mumbai has fraud and malice cooking. A series of murders happen at GB2 and then an ex employee of the bank Karan Panjabi starts investigating to find that there is more than just a case of fraud in the bank. The wires of which reach out globally. Several benaami accounts setup in GB2 to fund a conspiracy against the country.

I won’t go in the details as it will take away the fun of reading. All I can say is it is a fun read. Very impressive when you think of it coming from an Indian author.

The book is fast paced and at every page something new is happening, someone new is coming into the picture and the reader is left wondering what will happen next. The locations in which story is set up also adds to the ‘masala’. You will also get to know the dirty details of banking (if you don’t already know it).

Only boring part I thought was in the end when the Vienna police searches the premise of Jews foundation. It was way too lengthy. But I ain’t complaining 🙂

It’s a fiction so you just need to read it like one and not find meanings in it.

Good book, Well written.


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