Review: Many Lives, Many Masters

manylivesThis  is one of those books that I took up by reading an excerpt (I rarely do that) and partly because it was much talked about. I never knew if was written long time back.

The book Many Lives, Many Masters tells a true story that happened with the author Brian L. Weiss, a psychiatrist with one of his patient  ‘Catherine’.

The message that this book gives in one sentence is “Aatma amar hai woh mar nahi sakti, shareer nashvar hai” or that the soul or spirit never dies, it is the physical form that dies.

Yes this is exact same thing, if you are Indian or know about Hinduism would have heard sometime. Krishna gives the same message to Arjun and Hinduism (and probably a few other religions too) talk about this. Life beyond Life.

When Catherine approaches Weiss, she is very disturbed and her anxiety level is very high. Weiss treats her for 18 months but doesn’t achieve much and then suddenly he tries something different. Once Catherine is hypnotized she starts revealing things about her earlier births which initially doctor was reluctant to believe but slowly and gradually he understands that she is not faking any information. Through her other spirits (who are called the “Masters”) starts communicating with the author, starts giving him insight into the life and death question.

It is then that author realizes that there are things beyond our understanding and beyond science and he starts investigating more and starts learning more. He however initially was reluctant to discuss this information with others but then despite the doubts about the consequences he starts talking to others. To his surprise many other people have had such incidences in their lives and have developed Psychic powers for which there was no logical reason.

Later in his career he decides to come out with this information so that it can benefit others. If humans understand that the life doesn’t end her then we might start doing things differently. We might start building endurance towards pain, we might become better human beings.

Now irrespective of the controversial subject I liked the book. I liked the ease and simplicity with which the author explained this complex topic of rebirth and spirits not dying, etc.

The book doesn’t get boring at all, you can understand author’s predicament when he is narrating all these stories yet he is forced to believe the unbelievable.

I personally do believe there are things that can’t be explained by science and rebirth does seem possible. However I do not tend to form opinion about any such thing that I have no complete information about so will leave it at that.

However Weiss has written a good book and probably with his experience he can write so authoritatively.

PS: This book (and not the review) was sponsored by MySmartPrice


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