Review: When the signal turns Red

WHEN THE SIGNAL TURNS REDI managed to finish another book over the weekend and it was by another first time Indian writer. The second book this week was “When the Signal turns Red” by Jayanand Ukey.

I will put it plain and simple, the book was a below average read. And the writing also wasn’t too interesting.

Sentences like these can never earn you good reputation as a writer “…she washed her face with plain water.” or “she looked as if she had fallen from the sky – handmade by God”.

The book starts with the main characters Girish and Prajakta bagging ‘big’ IT jobs (really in 2012 big IT jobs?) and planning to marry. Both the families agree. And then suddenly the job offers of both get refused by their prospective employers (on the same day, the news is on television, they both receive the letters on same day, etc. etc. unbelievable) and girls father refuses to marry his daughter and tries to marry her to his friend’s son. But the guy gets the job in the same company in the BPO division and with a Masala ending (gun shots recorded, other guy having a wife, security guards following the girl) wins the girl back.

That’s all there is to the story. I felt that there should have been a concrete story at least. 

The writing needs much work. The book (like many other new ones) is full of hyperbole and statements that you might not even comprehend. The pace is painfully slow. There isn’t a good story. Characters are addressed throughout the book as “Mr. Chitre”, “Mrs. Chitre” (which is not a very good way to keep the characters in the readers conscious) and so on.

After reading the previous book “Just Married, Please Excuse“, I was hoping that I might get another good new-gen Indian writer but it was no where near to it.

It amazes me that why we as a nation can’t come out with a few good stories? Why we are stuck up at IT, IITs, Love, Marriage stuff? We are a nation full of stories, wherever you can see you will find a good enough story but we are unable to see it or unable to translate it into a good book.

I sincerely hope the new gen writes think of a good story before they decide to write and think it a hundred times before they think of getting published.


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