Review: Just Married, Please Excuse

just_married_please_excuseI do not remember exactly who was the author (or was that an author or someone in my circle?) who has read this book and gave it a thumbs up and so I thought that I would read it someday.

I got a subscription to a new library justbooksclc and got first lot of my books delivered and this book was part of it and on instinct I picked up this one first from the 4 that were delivered and it turned out to be a good decision.

The book this week was “Just Married, Please Excuse” by Yashodhara Lal (when I first read this name I was under the impression that the author is a male, how silly of me now that i read the name in complete conscious).

In this book review journey with me you must have observed that there are many books by upcoming Indian authors that I have read and reviewed and so you would know how I feel about the new breed of Indian writers.

Yashodhara Lal also belongs to the same category of new gen Indian authors, Just Married… is her first published book.  But 5 mins into the book and I was in for a pleasant surprise.

In one word if you want me to sum up this book and her writing, I would say”Good” and those who follow me know that I don’t say that often about new-gen Indian writers (hardly ever).

This is what book writing is all about, first attempt and she got it bang on target. Bravo!

The story is drawn from author’s own life where she deals with an early marriage and early parenthood. How things unfold in her life once she is married (although initially being reluctant about it) and then how difficult it was for her to deal with pregnancy and post pregnancy depressions.

The good things: There are many, considering that this is the first book by the author, the first half is sheer brilliance. Her comic timing is so good that you actually smile/laugh many times while reading the book. And it’s not crude humor or absurd humor, the writing simply  tickles you. And as I mentioned in an earlier review that I think making people laugh is the most difficult thing but Yashodhara does it so nicely.

The characters she describes in the book are good, funny. The writing is crisp, the tempo is good (for the first half) and you don’t feel bored in most parts. The manner of writing, the word selection are all dot on target.

The not so good things: The second half kinda gets slow and there was some further editing that could have been done in the post pregnancy, bringing up the baby part. Some minor parts were left unexplained (or not explained properly) such as why after being so vehemently opposed to marriage at the age of 23, due to one incidence she decides “let’s get married”, that twist in the end that her husband finds a text message of her to another guy due to which he starts behaving weirdly was unnecessary (probably author trying to bring in some Masala or reasoning). Lastly, nothing exciting about the story.

And that’s how the book sits. As I mentioned earlier I would rate the book as ‘Good’ and probably if she keeps on writing we might see some very good writing from her in future.

I would advise all the new-gen Indian writers to take a cue from Yashodhara lal and her book as to what good writing is all about. There is nothing new to the story and probably if written by someone else, it might not have turned up so well.

Well done Yashodhara, I am happy I picked up your book and I will again whenever you are in print again.


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