Review: How I taught my Grandmother to Read

grandmotherAs mentioned in my last post reading has been bit slow in last couple of weeks, so I sped up a little and was able to finish another book over the weekend.

The book this week was “How I taught my Grandmother to Read and Other Stories” by Sudha Murthy. 

This is my second book by Sudha Murthy, I read and reviewed “wise and otherwise” last year, which was kinda good. And because of that book, I knew what to expect from this book.

This book is also a collection of short stories and is an easy read. The good thing about the author’s book is that they are simple, small, day-to-day stories (sometimes narration of an incidence) which sends a good vibe inside you. Mostly related to Human nature and circumstances we face everyday. You can compare them with (probably) your Grandmother’s stories (which is not a bad thing). But then that is also its major flaw if you are expecting much more from these books.

Take for instance I was more disappointed (or may be it’s too strong a word) with “Wise and Otherwise” but after reading that I knew what to expect from this book and by the time I ended this book I was happy as it met the expectations.

Essentially good stories for children and youngsters, some of the stories might teach you a moral and some are a mere statement of fact(s). But these stories could give you insight into author’s life even though you might not have met her you will feel like you know her from around.

I recommend gifting it to children and youngsters as these are short simple stories and would interest them and who knows they might  get inspired from one of the stories which might change their lives forever (like one of the stories in the book).

PS: This book (and not the review) was sponsored by a new price comparison search engine. Thanks Guys!



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