Week 38: the book this week is The Casual Vacancy

Week 38 – I am happy that after 38 weeks I am still able to go on with my commitment of 52 books. Although a few books shorter then the weeks, I’m positive as and when I get a chance I will be able to bridge that gap.

Winter is a season when all you want is a cup of hot tea or coffee in the bed and having a good book to read. The world looks so pretty that way. Isn’t it?

In this part of the world the winters are not that bad, nevertheless whatever winter we get, I try to enjoy a few cold mornings in the bed with a book and for the next few winter mornings (and evenings) the book that I have in hand is one which I wanted to read since it was released a few months back.

The book this week is “The Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling. 

Oh yes the same J.K. Rowling who brought us the great Harry Potter series. This is her first adult novel.

Now as I have read all the HP series books before I started with the 52 books challenge so haven’t been able to ever write about the series itself or the author. May be a few lines are mandatory for the great author:

It was not until the second book of HP series (i.e. Chamber of Secrets) that I have heard of HP or J.K. Rowling. One of my colleague told me about it and suggested me to read. I was like “I don’t really get interested in children book..” but he insisted so I took a dive.

And the day I finished the first book the next day I was out to buy the next one in the series and had ever since been a HP fan and in turn J.K. Rowling’s fan.

Ironically J.K. Rowling is like a magician herself in HP series where she conjures a magical world which you get so much soaked in that the characters start seeming like real ones (also thanks to the HP movies for that). I have always admired her for the ease with which she takes the readers to an altogether different world of magic which does not feel so much different. From the characters to the events to the rituals all in some way or the other seem so plausible. And after certain time the reader starts empathizing with the characters.

For a book to create the kind of stir that HP series did among all age groups is a testimony to great writing. I am a very conservative person when it comes to becoming a fan of anything (music, rock-band  movies, books, etc.) but I will admit if ever I was to be called a fan of anything, I would happily call myself a HP fan (although I never stood in line to buy the books).

Some of the HP series book could be called mediocre or less than perfect but then when you are writing a series that is bound to happen, people will compare every volume with the previous ones. Nevertheless my admiration for HP and respect for J.K. Rowling never dwindled throughout the series.  And I even admired her more when she decided to end the series (although the heart always wanted more even till date).

So that’s in short is my acquaintance with the author, I even read the “The Tales of beedle the bard” which was kind of ok not that great. So since I heard about the casual vacancy I wanted to read it and find out how does the author fare with adult novels.

So here I am with “The Casual Vacancy”. Hopefully it will be fun (honestly I don’t expect it to be anywhere near HP but still…)

So will meet soon with the review, till then Happy Reading !

Also a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the readers!



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