Week 36: the book this week is Reading Lolita in Tehran

The book that I started pouring into last week (yes I wasn’t able to finish due to work work and more work) is one I wanted to read since the time I first saw it on the bookshelf of crosswords.

I am sure you would agree that “Reading Lolita in Tehran” is an intriguing title. Both Lolita and Tehran conjures up 2 different set of images in our minds that several unknown facts which increases our curiosity.

The little that we know about Iran sitting in India is that it’s an Islamic Republic and is constantly at war (if not practically then in all other sense) with America. However I am sure none of us in India see Iran as an enemy or a rouge nation (to use the american political language).

I bought this book a while back (when it was 50% off) and since then it was just sitting there and every time I used to look at it I wanted to start. At last I was able to start it last week and believe me whatever I have read till now, I simply loved it.

I won’t reveal anything more than that, look forward for my review by this weekend.

Do let me know if you have read this book or your views on Lolita or Iran.

Till next time Happy Reading!


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