Review: Lord of Mathura

ImageLord of Mathura by Ashok Banker, the 4th in the Krishna Coriolis series was the book that I completed last week.
After I completed the earlier 3 books of the series, I was waiting for the remaining ones to come out and as soon as they did I grabbed them though it took sometime for me to read.

Lord of Mathura deals with the teenager Krishna and several incidences of trouble visiting vrindavan in forms of different demons being sent by Kamsa. Jarasandh suggests Kamsa to send his demons rather than going himself and Krishna manages to defeat each one of them.

The start of love between Krishna and Radha also finds a place in the book and in the end when everyone fails, Kamsa takes it on himself to kill the ‘Deliverer’ and calls him to Mathura, where in the end Krishna and Balram together defeats all the champions of Mathura and Krishna kills Kamsa by throwing him from high above the sky to the ground.

I like that Banker has kept the story crisp and tidy and unlike earlier books didn’t elongate any unnecessary scenes. A few well written scenes that I liked were when Krishna picks up ‘gowardhan parvat’ against wrath of Indra and where ‘swayam bhagwan’ gives ‘darshan’ to Akrur. Both chapters are beautifully written.

Ashok Banker brings alive the piousness and serenity of a ‘god’ (not just Krishna) through his words. Kudos to him.

A very well written book in the series. If you haven’t read it, I recommend reading the entire Krishna Coriolis.


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