Review: Animal Farm

There are books which justify our habit of reading (although some crappy ones try to shake our faith in books) and the book this week “Animal Farm” by George Orwell turned out to be one such book.

It lived to the expectations (even exceeded) I had from it. It being a short book (95 pages) I was able to finish it quickly.

Animal Farm, a classic by Orwell, published in 1945 is a story of a farm where animals led a rebellion and throws out the their human master to run the farm on their own. Pigs take the superior role of leader(s), protected by the dogs and rest all other animals work hard in the farm. The spirit of rebellion and the principles/commandments on which the war (so-called) against humans was fought are slowly forgotten/modified to suit the pigs.

In the end the other animals are living even worse life then when they were under a human master and pigs have turned into humans and one can’t tell the difference between the two.

The 7 commandments are replaced with one “All Animals are equal. But some Animals are more equal than others“.

The book is political allegory or in today’s terms a political satire. It’s said that Orwell wrote this around the period of World War II in context of the Russian Revolution.

Nevertheless this book sans time and is Universal. If the book is read today in any part of the world people can immediately relate to the story and the characters.

Similarly in the current political situation of India as well the book (the story) is a perfect fit. You can see a bunch of pigs  making a fool of small animals and though they say that “All Animals are equal” but we all know that “Some Animals are more equal than others”

Now this is called a timeless writing, relevant even after 60+ years.

Looking forward to reading more such classics.


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