Week 28 – the book this week is Animal Farm

So after finishing a crappy book last week “Fifty Shades of Grey” I wanted to read something good.

And what better than to start a classic.

So the book this week is “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

There are so many books coming out every day, so many immature writers and so many nonsensical subjects getting dealt that it creates a clutter in your mind. You feel exhausted and cheated after reading a rubbish book. So sometimes you find the much-needed respite in the classics only.

Though the book is hardly 100 pages but I am sure that it would be well worth it.

I hope to finish the week and the book well as the next week is a travelling week for me and depending on the circumstances I might be able to read a lot more or nothing at all.

I am already running 2 books behind the schedule, which I plan to cover-up soon.

Wish me luck and be with me for the review of Animal Farm and more.


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