Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

After hearing and reading a lot about this book I finally gave in and thought why not check out what is all the noise about. The book last week was ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ Volume 1 by E.L.James.

Some of you must have heard about this book and it’s record-breaking sales and it becoming a best seller and all. Because of all this hype I started reading the book to find out what is it that makes it a bestseller.

It’s the first book in the Fifty Shades Trilogy and it begins quite plainly with a girl named Anastasia Steel filing in for her Friend Kate to take the interview of a business tycoon named Christian Grey. Post the interview Grey gets interested in Ana and she also falls for him and both of them starts a sexual relationship. Grey proposes an  arrangement to Ana to subside to his sexual fantasies and let him play a dominant role and have sort of a BDSM relationship and Ana although getting scared on every move still falls for Fifty Shades of Grey. Grey changes a little but wants Ana to change a lot, which she does and in the meantime he keeps showering her with many expensive gifts. He had a dark past, of which he reveals only a little to Ana after her insistence. But in the end Ana can’t take it any more and she leaves him telling him he can’t give her what she wants and she can’t give him what he wants. End of volume 1.

Now the major part of the book is erotic literature (or soft porn as it is called in literary circles) and there are a handful of characters.

Now on to the review (verdict) part, in the spirit of the book if I have to describe it I would say ‘ This book is shitload of fuck’. Excuse the language but that’s how I felt after reading this book. And I wonder as to how it went on to become a bestseller. Do the readers today really want only ‘soft porn’ to read or did this book really had something that I missed?

What could be worse than not liking the book is not liking its main characters. I totally disliked the portrayal of the character of Christian Grey (the business tycoon) and almost hated the protagonist Anastasia Steel. I felt Ana’s character was more fucked up than Grey’s (supposedly).

The character of Anastasia Steel is so messed up that there are no emotions that swell up for her at any point in the entire book. How can a girl who has never had sex before agree so easily for BDSM relationship? What was that shit about inner goddess dancing and jumping (seriously? are we readers so lame?)? Then Ana’s description of Grey as a Greek god and she going head over heels for him was just irritating. So many times in the book she would describe him as a Greek God like no other man on earth would be like him. Utter nuisance.

Coming to Grey’s character, in one meeting a billionaire who would have seen many beautiful and out of the world  woman falls for an average looking girl and that too without any good reason. Whereas even her friend Katherine Kavanagh is depicted to be ravishing and more beautiful . Then how he is adamant about the contract and how easily he lets it go.

Several other things were irritating (yea that would be the right word),  the contract itself was gross, do you really want readers to read that crap? Then Grey repeatedly pointing out Ana to eat and then those irritating emails, etc god!

Now that I think of it I wonder how did I end up reading the entire book of 500 odd pages? May be part of the reason was that I was expecting some thrilling aspect later in the book. It could have something to do with Grey’s past or I thought of a twist where Kate (Ana’s friend) being one of the subs of Grey. But unfortunately nothing exciting happened even at the end  and it ended pretty meekly.

Now even though this is the first book of Trilogy, I have no intention of reading the other two.

I sincerely hope that such type of literature doesn’t end up as bestseller or this world is really going to end soon.


PS: Unfortunately I have recently read they are making a movie out of it and where Mila Kunis is playing the character of Ana. God have some mercy!



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