Review: The Pursuit of WOW

I started this book before ‘The Krishna Key‘ but had to put it on hold as I mentioned in my last post. Then I restarted this book this week.

“The Pursuit of WOW” by Tom Peters was suggested online by one of the entrepreneurs and I had been meaning to read it for sometime.

The book started on quite nicely and I was expecting some good insight into the “topsy-turvy times” as the book says. But unfortunately I wasn’t much impressed. The book gives some good examples and some guidelines as to how to run a successful business or become a good entrepreneur but all in all it’s a waste, I think. Or a better explanation could be that it’s time has passed.

Tom Peters (I read later) is considered to be a management guru but I didn’t find any reasons any examples, any guiding points that were out of the ordinary. Added to that I didn’t like the manner of writing too much. It concentrates mostly on stories from US and the environment backdrop is also of US.

Some passages/points are so lengthy that I just got too bored reading them and more than half of the book I just skipped reading. It was appearing to be a waste of time to me.

Unfortunately I failed to get the point of the author and I thought better not to continue when I am not enjoying it.

Hopefully I will have a better book to read next week.

Have any of you read “The Pursuit of WOW”? Did I miss something or it was an abstract that I failed to understand?


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