Review: Fractured Legend

The book this week was “Fractured Legend” by Kranthi Askani. I received this book as part of Blogadda book review program.

The book revolves around the story of Priyambada, a temple slave who leaves the temple at night and froze into a statue by the morning. One day she decides to leave the world of stone forever and get into the mortal realm (through a ring that is gifted to her by the queen of the temple). She starts a new life with parents, brother and later gets married and brings up a daughter named Pravalli. There is another story of an assassin named Nandhini who gets entangled into a web of finding a manuscript (the manuscript is of the same story of temple slave). The book is divided into 3 stories but all 3 are related.

Now if I had to describe this whole book in one word, I would say it is weird (and not in a good way). I have never heard or read anything by the author (probably he is a first timer as the publishing house gives chances to first timers, that is on the book).

From the beginning to the end I simply could not understand the purpose of the book or the story within it. A temple of slaves, where the stone statues come to life at night and are frozen again in the morning, this is how the story began and though it felt weird but I was anticipating that it would grow into a good plot and there could be some mystery involved too. But it continues as a boring story until you reach at the end of story one. Then the second story starts and I thought it is a different story altogether, the second story of Nandhini an assassin starts quite nicely but then again it ends up as  entangled in that temple slave story, that a manuscript is asked to be retrieved by Nandhini, there is a mystery biker who follows her. In the end her son is kidnapped and she has to kill her boss. Last story is that of Pravalli who is the daughter of Priyambada (temple slave who comes into the mortal realm) to her mother, cursing her for the lie that she has always been telling earlier and that she can’t forgive her for the same. In the end both are caught by Aardya (Priyambada’s friend) and are killed.

Believe me the book/stories are as weird as they sound above and there is absolutely nothing more to the story than what I have written in a few lines above. There is unnecessary detailing on each and every chapter in the book and you would yawn and sigh and sometimes fall asleep (and I am not exaggerating).

I am not sure what was it that the author wanted to convey through this book but it is totally bullshit. The only credit that I can give to him is that he tried to think differently and probably at some point you might anticipate that it can build into a great plot and the writing itself is not too bad. Besides that there is nothing. And I think I wasted few precious hours of my life on this book.

Hopefully I will have better books to read and review going ahead or I could have a Fractured Brain.

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