Review: Blink The Power of Thinking without Thinking

I was tied up pretty much last week hence could not post what I was reading last week, nevertheless I did read a book and a pretty good book.

The book for last week was “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell.

Now I am sure whosoever has read any of the book of Malcolm Gladwell, chances are he/she has become a fan of his book(s).

I remember reading the first book of Gladwell a few years ago (may be 5 years back) titled “The Tipping Point” and what a book it was.

Gladwell brings to us new theories through his books and which I must admit are quite intriguing. Tipping Point was a revelation, it was simply brilliant.

So when I started Blink, I had high hopes from this book too and the book came out true to the expectations.

In the book Gladwell stresses the importance of the decisions that we take in a blink of an eye or to be more precise the impressions that we have about things when we first see something and as he mentions more often than not it turns out to be true. He stresses that sometimes more information leads to wrong decisions and there are moments when you should trust your instincts or the first impression.

He goes on to elaborate that even the first impressions that we have are based on our previous experiences, our environment, our biases, etc. and there are some attributes that we associate with somethings or some people and our judgement could be prejudiced.

He also mentions clearly that some matters need deep analysis and often the decisions we take in a ‘blink’ could turn out to be wrong.

The trick is to identify when to go with your first feel and when to analyse the matters thoroughly. There is no formula to identify it.

Some excellent stories and experiences are used by Gladwell to explain the importance of the ‘blink’ decisions and my favorite story was of Van Riper.

The author succeeds in driving home the points he tries to put across in the beginning. And only a person of Gladwell’s caliber can do that.

It’s an informative theory and yet the book is an interesting and entertaining read (sans the big philosophies, facts and figures) and though a few patches in the book could be termed as dry but overall it’s an excellent book.

I am happy to have read this book and now want less gap between this book and then next one by Gladwell, probably that could be “what the god saw” or the “outliers”.


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