Week 21: The Book this Week is: Small Wonder the making of nano

So I missed another week (week 20) and I just managed to start the book this week. I will soon try to cover up this deficit.

Getting back to the book, the book this week is “Small Wonder the making of the nano” by Philip Chacko, Christabelle Noronha and Sujata Agarwal.

Now I think most of us know about the $2500 car or Rupee 1 Lac car that Tata Motors came out with in the year 2009.

It is said that it was a dream of Mr. Ratan Tata to build an affordable car for the Indian middle class that is safe and reliable and comes within a 1 Lac.

Now there is a small story to the 1 Lac price tag that I have heard (not sure how true it is) but it is said that  Ratan Tata mentioned once after a conference that he would like to build a cheap car for Indian middle class which caters to a family of 4. After the conference reporters started asking different questions, one of the question was “how cheap?” Ratan Tata didn’t give any figure and the reported questioned again, cheap as in 1 Lac and Mr. Tata replied why not if possible.The next day newspaper headline was “Ratan Tata promises to build a 1 Lac car”. And that is how Tata Motors was committed to 1 Lac (not exactly but yes in one way).

I wanted to read this book long back but never managed to get to it, last week at Landmarks sale I saw a few books and picked up this one too. Came up pretty cheap.

Now the book obviously contains the story of making of nano from vision to a dream come true. And I am looking forward to completing this soon.

While I do that, you too grab a book and read. It was disheartening to see that book shops in my city are getting closed down or shrinking. We need more and more patrons to support the brick and mortar bookstores too. So help out by buying more books, its a win-win situation for both.

Till next time Happy Reading!


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