Review: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The book I completed for last week (Week 18) was the one I wanted to read for a long time and was a very short one. The book was “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach.

Now the world is not fair and sometimes things that you have been waiting for a long period do not turn out what you expect them to be. As many of you I too have heard some good things about this book and so I poured into it.

But it didn’t live to the expectation and I thought was pretty Ordinary. The book talks more about individualism where the Seagull Jonathan thinks he is special and meant for flying rather than eating and so becomes an outcast and learns to fly and experience the things that he might not have done living in the flock.

Now there is no issue in portraying that following your dreams is good but then the book fails to make that impression, it mocks the fact that being Ordinary is also not a crime. Trying to understand the society around you and sustaining yourself among them also takes courage and conviction.

And not all Seagulls are meant to be fly. If they were than they wouldn’t have been born Seagulls.

The good part was book was pretty short 127 pages with lot of pictures in between (pictures were irrelevant I thought and in paperback they appear way too bad).

Hopefully the next book I read would help me get over this disappointment.


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