Review: Wings of Silence

The book this week was “Wings of Silence” by Shriram Iyer.  As I mentioned in an earlier post this week that I didn’t know anything about the book as well as the author when I began it.

I received this book as part of Blogadda’s Book review program to review it. I liked the book title and book cover was also intriguing.

The story is about 2 brothers Saurav and Raj where one is the blue-eyed boy in whatever he touches turns into gold and his brother Raj on the other hand is deaf and not even able to speak and is a loser all along. The father an ex Indian Air Force pilot loved his able son Saurav and abhors his deaf son, Raj. After a series of Incidences Saurav realizes that his brother is getting into depression due to continuously being ignored and portrayed as a loser. He decides to work for his brother’s dream of an Olympic gold medal in Marathon, in Moscow Olympics of 1980.

Now isn’t it an excellent plot for a story? Don’t you think that it can be turned into an exciting novel?

Honestly speaking I was very much impressed when I had just read the Prologue and I thought to myself what a great beginning and what a great story awaits me ahead. And to some point it stays true to that but overall it turned out to be a pretty average story, with all the Bollywood Masala mixed into it (which I honestly hated).

The story is good in bits and pieces but I didn’t like the character portrayal at all. There wasn’t even a single character that you can get hooked onto, be it the blue-eyed boy Saurav, his deaf brother Raj, his love life Shalini or even their father Akshay Sethi. There are so many unnecessary turns that the main plot is lost somewhere. Whereas the story starts with Akshay Sethi getting a ‘veer chakra’, then family moving to USA, portrayal of Saurav as a demi-god (good looks, excellent in academics, lover boy, great in many sports, blah, blah) and then on portraying Raj as such a loser that anything and everything that he does in life is a failure and everyone in the world is after him, then Saurav finding love in Shalini during a mixed doubles match (how tacky), he realizing about his brother’s condition and eruption of brotherly love, him sacrificing everything for his brother, finding a trainer, competing for US Olympic team and then for Indian Olympic team, Indian corruption and then a devilish athlete he meets in the sports village etc. You get the point.

Had it been a simple brother bonding story, a brother helping out another at the cost of his career it would have been a great read but I feel author somewhere lost the track. For the sake of doing a 250 page book and giving readers a feel good factor, he missed the main story by a long shot.

I sincerely hoped that the author has kept it plain and simple, had cut the extra fat from the book and portrayed characters more humanly (a boy getting a wild card entry to Wimbledon within 1 year of starting his tennis career?,  a brother calling his sister ‘whore’ and then suddenly having a change of heart, and the best of all the boy who didn’t care about his brother for 18 years suddenly deciding to leave his career for his him).

The book might be received well in this season due to the upcoming London Olympics and due to a different story compared to other romantic crap in the market but I would still rate it as an average read.

May be the author will do a better job with the next books, if only he tries to write the story and not please the readers.


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2 responses to “Review: Wings of Silence

  1. Dorai

    I am really shocked to read this review.The book is really good.So what if it has Bollywood elements in it.There is nothing wrong in the book.In fact the book has got good publicity and excellent reviews.The blogger should have an open mind while reviewing a different book.

    • Abhinav

      Thanks for your comments Dorai.
      The Blogger does have an open mind 🙂
      But you should realize that every person’s tastes are different and although you may like a book its quite possible that many others don’t or vice-versa. And on this blog I am presenting my views about the book.

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