Week 12: The book this week is The Valmiki Syndrome

As I enter into week 12, surprisingly I have many choices for the books to read and the book that I picked is quite new and from one of my favorite (as close as it can get to favorite) author Ashok K. Banker and it’s not from mythology genre, the book is titled as ‘ The Valmiki Syndrome Finding the work-life balance‘. The other good thing about this book is that I got this book free of cost courtesy the author Ashok Banker himself and the publication house Random House India as part of a contest on twitter (you can follow me on twitter @AlwaysAbhinav).

Now as you all (who have been following me for a while) know that I have already read many of the books by Banker but till now all of them have been from mythology genre, such as ‘Ramayana Series‘, ‘Krishna Coriolis‘ and I even have ‘Forest of Stories‘  first book of his Mahabharata Series sitting with me, which I have kept for a later date. I wanted to read his books from other genre such as Iron Bra, Vertigo etc and I think this book is a perfect start towards that goal.

Now the title is interesting and I would like to see how Banker approaches towards suggesting work-life balance, almost every person today needs that.

I am happy to tell you that this blog’s readership is increasing by every passing day and when the readership increases, so would the ideas and suggestions to improve the blog and the writings too. I am looking forward to that.

As I mentioned in a previous post that I have also started a ‘Picture Review‘ section recently with Krishna Coriolis and intend to that for many other future books. If you have any thoughts/ feedback about that then please do write to me.

Till next time Happy Reading!


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