Week 11: The book this week is Breakfast of Champions

As I mentioned in my earlier post that I was able to complete 2 books last week i.e. Week 10 and all the last 3 books read/reviewed were from mythological genre (Ashok Banker to be precise) so I wanted to read something different this week.

I also happened to join a library recently (which I wanted since a long time), the major reasons for not joining a library till now has been

1. I might not get time to go to the library fetch the books and return the books

2. The book catalogue I wasn’t finding up to my satisfaction, the ones with good catalogue were too expensive

Due to these 2 reasons I kept on buying the books, but now with the increased speed of reading, it was becoming difficult for me to keep on spending so much money also in addition make the room for so many books at my house.

So I decided to give the library a try. I subscribed to Tenderleaves library, whose books I saw at a local cafe, I went through the website, I liked their concept & their social initiatives, moreover they were addressing my issue no. 1, they deliver and fetch the books from home. Their book collection is decent but not as good as I want, nevertheless I think I can start with this and may be they will keep on adding to their collection.

So I got the first 2 books home delivered and one of the books that I would start reading is ‘Breakfast of Champions‘ by Kurt Vonnegut.

Now I have added this book a few months back to my wish list but I can’t remember who suggested it, nevertheless I think I have read a few good things about this book online and recently one of my distant cousin has read it (his update from goodreads.com) and rated it 4/5, which is pretty good. So I have huge expectations from this book now. But I really don’t know what to expect, the jacket doesn’t give much details, so I would have to delve in it to find more details.

But I am very excited to start this book and even more happy that the Monsoon has finally arrived and it would be so good to read books in this beautiful weather.

So as I pour into this book this week, be with me and let me know if you have read about this book, your views and any other book you can suggest me.

Till next time, Happy Reading!



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2 responses to “Week 11: The book this week is Breakfast of Champions

  1. The structure for the blog is a little bit off in Epiphany. Nevertheless I like your web site. I might have to use a normal web browser just to enjoy it.

    • Abhinav

      Thx! What browser are you facing issue with?
      And what are you viewing preferences when it comes to such a blog?

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