Recap of the books Read till now

I was wondering how many weeks have passed till now in my 52 weeks 52 books challenge and though I knew at the back of my mind as to which all books I have read, I couldn’t put a sequence to it perfectly so I stared looking at the old posts. Thought I would also share this Recap of the books read/reviewed till now:

I started this journey from the week of 8th April 2012.


Week 1: Talk to the Hand
Week 2: Vengeance of Ravana
Week 3: The Bridges of Madison County
Week 4: The Namesake
Week 5: The Devotion of Suspect X
Week 6: Wise & Otherwise
Week 7: –
Week 8: The Malgudi Days
Week 9: Slayer of Kamsa
Week 10: Dance of Govinda and Flute of Vrindavan

Will try to do a similar recap again after week 20


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