Picture Review

I had been meaning to do this for sometime and today after spending sometime I am able to achieve a little. I am talking about reviewing a book in pictures or better presenting a book through a collage of pictures.

As I read a book every week and write a review of it, I thought why not present the story in pictures for easy, short, interesting and aesthetically better way.

So what better way to start this work then with the recent books that I have read, the three books of Krishna Coriolis. So I have put together a photo collage which explains the story of the 3 books i.e. Slayer of Kamsa, Dance of Govinda and Flute of Vrindavan.

All the interesting pictures that I can find from the internet that could explain the stories I have collected and showed them. You can find this Picture Review or ‘PicView’ here or can scroll down to the end of this page and click on the link PicView -> Krishna Coriolis.

It could appear raw to you but its my first attempt and I intend to do better with time. I intend to do this picture review with the books that I read in future as far as feasible/possible.

Do let me know your views, how you like the idea or what else can be done to make it better.

Access the Picture View of Krishna Coriolis


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