Week 8: The book this week is Malgudi days

So there it is, I missed reading the book last week i.e. Week 7, although things weren’t very tight nevertheless it was a tiring week and I couldn’t bring myself up to go through a book. So now I have got to compensate for that in the weeks to come.

This week has started well and we are waiting for the monsoon in this part of the world. In 2 weeks time it should start raining here and it will be green all around, that is what I look forward to every year. And reading a book in such a pleasant weather is one of the joys of life that can’t be equated with anything else.

So while I am still dreaming about the upcoming rainy season, I have picked up a book which is not less than a pleasant drizzle.

The book this week is “Malgudi days” by R.K. Narayan. Now if you are an Indian and you are above the age of say 10 years then I am sure that you must have heard about Malgudi days. Many of us have seen the TV series and have long adored the characters and stories from it.

This is one book which is in our blood and whenever one talks about it, it gives an altogether refreshing feeling. The short stories of Malgudi by R.K. Narayan are the household tales. The stories revolves around the small town of Malgudi in south India.

This book is even internationally recognized and irrespective of nationality, religion and region it has been adored by all.

And I am very excited to start this book. You rarely get such feeling with books which I am experiencing right now, a feeling of freshness, mystery and anticipation and a lot more.

I would be looking forward to write a review of this book and one thing I can tell even before reading this book, that you have to read this book whatever anyone says about it.

Till next time. Happy Reading!


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