Review: Wise and Otherwise

Last week it has been tiring with many things to attend to, so couldn’t let you guys know about the book for the week 6. But fortunately I did manage to complete a book this week. The book for week 6 was “Wise & Otherwise A Salute to Life” by Sudha Murty. Many of us know her as wife of Dr. Narayan Murty but she is much more than just that. She is an academician, a prolific writer, a humanitarian and involved with many charities.

The book “Wise & Otherwise” is a collection of 51 short stories taken from author’s own life and life experiences. Most of them are short but 51 stories do take up around 270 odd pages.

The book is  an average read, it is more sort of a personal Diary/blog which a person might maintain and narrate his/her experiences. In some stories the author has tried to present different experiences of her life, in some she has depicted the human nature and some others are just a statement on the society today.

Some stories are nice but none of the story stands out, after a few days you won’t even remember a single story that is highly probable, nevertheless you will find it a decent read when you are reading it once. The good part is the stories end in 3-4 pages, so you don’t get to a point where you start getting bored.

Mainly stories are from IT background and author’s experiences with running charities and social projects through Infosys foundation. The one story that I liked was where a tribal chief in Sahyadri hills explains the author that there is humility in receiving too. And no matter how poor you are, there is always something that you can give to others.

All in all an average read, if you have nothing to do then you can read the book, will keep you satisfied although won’t leave a lasting impression.



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3 responses to “Review: Wise and Otherwise

  1. vishu

    very good book with experiences of sudha ji , which should understand by every reader and try for the social changes

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  3. probably the best one from the master story teller Sudha Murthy. Various experiences of her life, some good , some disappointing – very nicely written. How she has taken a lesson even from the unpleasant incidents is indeed a learning and enriching experience for the readers.

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