Week 5: the book this week is The Devotion Of Suspect X

Before I could finish my last book “The Namesake” I already had the next book in my hand that I have to finish this week.

The book “The Devotion Of Suspect X” by Keigo Higashino has been provided to me by BlogAdda through their Books Review Program.

I don’t know much about this book except that it is translated from Japanese and on its cover it says that the book has sold 2 million copies and I think it could be a thriller. If it is thriller, it would be great, something different to read for me.

I haven’t really been able to move forward with this book except for the first few pages and may be I will dedicate more time over the weekend. And I hope to finish it by the end of this week itself.

At the same time I am pondering over the next book(s) I should read, should I get a new book, should I read from the ones already at home or should I join a library and get a book?

Well it’s kind of confusing, library I either ways want to join, which one and when are the two difficult choices.

Often there is a disagreement between my head and my heart, regarding buying books and reading it. Is it really worth buying the book and read it, can’t I just rent it from a library? What will we do after reading the book once? It will take space and not serve any purpose

But then mind says that writers should be given their due, a book should be bought and if you enjoy it on your first read, the purpose is solved, the book price recovered, now you can choose to keep it and read it at a later date or just give it to someone else for reading. But then I am very possessive about my books, not everyone takes care of your books like you do and if I read a book again or not I like to keep them in good condition, that means no pen, pencil usage, no dog ears, not leaving them to decay.

What do you think about buying books for reading? Let me know.

Till next time, Happy Reading!


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