Review: The Bridges of Madison County

This was the second time (as far as I remember) that I was reading “The Bridges of Madison County” by Robert James Waller. A long time back I had read this book and I had loved it then and I loved it even more this time (may be the age is catching up).

The book is a romantic poetry as I would like to put it. It’s romantic poem, it’s a beautiful song whenever you read it. It’s a bible of die-hard romantics, and even if you are not the one I’m sure you will find this book very good.

The love story between Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson will remain immortal whatever the era is. In this era where love is so convenient and people change partners like the dresses they wear, this story of a woman falling in love with a man in just 4 days that she spent with him and always thinking about him and continue being in love with him throughout the life is really refreshing.

Many of us can’t even love the person with us throughout the life, loving someone lifelong whom you just met for 4 days is unthinkable. But then the love shown between Robert and Francesca is not the normal love as far as I could understand.

There is one beautiful sentence in the book which summarizes the love between the two, it is when Robert is pursuing Francesca to go along with him, he says

“I have one thing to say, one thing only; I’ll never say it another time, to anyone: and I ask you to remember it: In a universe of ambiguity, this kind of certainty comes only once, and never again, no matter how many lifetimes you live.”

That’s the kind of love both of them shared. It’s important to understand (although it is said umpteen times and in number of movies and ways), there is really one person who is made for you in this whole world and until you find that person you are incomplete, you will remain restless. The day you find that person you world will become peaceful, you would not search for anything or anyone no more. But the problem is that not all of us find that right person in our lives, sometimes we might be born many times and we can’t find that person.

But if you do, you would love him or her the way you have never loved anyone. And your life of a nomad will end. In a very dramatic manner I think that is probably when you will find ‘moksha’  or will attain nirvana.

In the end a very beautiful book. If you have never read it, buy and read it now. If you have read it the re-read it, you can never get enough of it.


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