Week 3 the book this week is The Bridges of Madison County

There are some classics which stay with you forever. The Bridges of Madison County is one such book. If you are romantic or not it doesn’t matter, hardly anyone can resist the charm of this classic. I first read this book a long time back, may be 10-12 years back and then went on to see the movie too (which in my view was also good, Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep they are classic too) and even after many years the story is relatively fresh in my mind.

Now why do I pick this book this week? No special reason but today when I was back from office and was looking for a book to start this week I climbed up the ladder (literally) to find a few books in my book box sitting on top of the loft (as the ones sitting down are either all read or are good but I am not in the mood to read any of them). So I pulled out a few books, a couple of them I remember I left in the middle (which is strange even for me as I don’t like to leave any book in between) and few unread one and between those books I found “The Bridges of Madison County”.

As you can’t resist a cheesecake, so can’t you “The Bridges…”. And as it has been long since I read it so I think I’m gonna go for it.

So there I am in week 3 with all you guys and all my books. Hopefully I will get enough time in the upcoming weeks as I plan to finish a few classics. Also I am thinking of subscribing to a library with so many books to read in the upcoming days.

Hoping you guys are also reading something good. Till next time, Happy Reading!


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