Week 2 – the book this week is Vengeance of Ravana

The good news (specially for me) is that I finished the first of 52 promises. Which means I have finished my first book of (Week 1) which was “Talk to the Hand” by Lynn Truss. hurrah!

I have so much to say about the book and have to post a complete book review for the same but as I mentioned earlier, this week I have been travelling so it will take sometime for me to complete the write-up as anything short will not do justice.

In very short the book is brilliant, it’s funny. It’s what I wanna say to the world.

So as soon as I completed the first book I moved on to the second book and the book this week is “Vengeance of Ravana” book 7 of the Ramayana Series by Ashok K. Banker. It’s genre is Indian Mythology.

If you have been with me for sometime you will remember that I mentioned about this book and the Ramayana Series a little while ago.

I finally decided to finish the Ramayana Series with “Vengeance of Ravana“.

Ashok K. Banker’s Ramayana Series is brilliant and never ever such a thing has been attempted. It’s a feat that no one can equal.

Ramayana Series has 7 volumes of which I have complete 6 a long time back and kept the last book pending to keep my relation intact with the series.

I want to write a lot about Banker’s work and although I well knew nothing I write or anyone write can do justice to his great work in the field of Indian Mythology.

In the days to come I will write (intend to) a few articles about my experience with Banker’s Ramayana Series (not necessarily a review) and as a reader how was it going through it and some good and not so good (there is no element of bad) that I encountered during my tryst with the Ramayana Series.

But until them, I will continue with my book of this week. And I should return back home sometime this week and then the first thing I intend to do it write the review for “Talk to the Hand”.

Drop me a line if you have anything to share or have any questions.

Till next time Happy Reading!


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