Travelling with the book

I thought of posting my progress with the book (and not the review yet), I am half way through the book and as it happens with all of us there are always challenges that we need to tackle to keep up our promises. So this week quite a lot of things have been happening  for first couple of days I could give ample time to the book but last couple of days have been kind of tight and not able to get my hands on the book.

But today I am travelling so I have the book with me and hopefully the travel will provide me enough time to finish the book. Isn’t is a good feeling to travel with a book?

One good book can be the best companion you can have on travels, I love to keep at least 2 books with me in case the travel is longer and I end up reading the first one 🙂

Do you like reading too when you travel? How many books do you carry while travelling?

So I hope to be done with “Talk to the Hand” by the end of this week and start on a new one, which I haven’t decided yet. Any suggestions?

Hopefully I would be post the review in time. In case not I would once I’m back and in the meantime start with a new book.

Till next time… Happy Reading!


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