Week 1- the book this week is Talk to the Hand

So the promise is made and the books are drawn. There are a bunch of books that I have at my home (I always like to be surrounded by books) and the question that begs the answer is which book first (a pleasant dilemma)?

I have one book left from Ashok Banker’s Ramayana Series (I will blog about it sometime later that’s because it needs a lot and lot of words to describe Banker’s writing and his Ramayana series and any number of words can’t do justice to his storytelling.

Anyways, so keeping that book pending since a long time (may be because I want to keep my relation with that series going on) and picking up a book for this week.

The book that I pick up for this week is “Talk to the Hand” by Lynn Truss.

The story behind this book is I was wondering in a bookstore (Crossword) last year and I happen to chance upon this book. I liked the excerpt and thought I would read it one day and so after a couple of months I ordered it through Flipkart and it’s been a couple of months (again) since this book is sitting at my desk.

So I think I would like to give it a go with this one and hopefully it will turn out to be good.

Wait for the review in a few days (1 week remember ), in case you have already read this book, do let me know your feedback on it, we can have a good discussion on it if you like.

Till then Happy Reading!


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