The Book Promise

Like many of you, I love reading books. There is no specific genre that I like but the book has to be good be it Travelogue, Murder Mystery, Fiction, Short Stories, etc.

There are periods that I read a lot non-stop then there is a dry period for a long time when I don’t see inside a book for a long time.

With this blog I am making a promise to myself to read at least 1 book per week, hence the title

52 books 52 weeks

I plan to put my book reviews, experiences with the books that I read. I will also try to write how I ended up picking a book for reading and anything else that matters (or you suggest).

Hopefully I will be able to keep my promise to you and with myself and together we will get to know 52 books in a year.

So be with me on this journey.

Suggestions (book or otherwise) and feedback are always welcome!



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